A Tai Chi and Qigong Master and U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Famer is Teaching You the Secrets that made him a Master, and will help YOU improve your health, relieve stress, and develop chi ... STARTING TODAY!


Dear "Chi Enthusiast" -

It was a cold night in January, 1997.

I was standing in front of twelve expectant faces, all looking at me for some guidance and direction.

But I had no clue what I was going to do.

At that time, I had been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 1984, and teaching it since about 1994.

I wasn't a recognized master then. I wasn't in the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame either. I hadn't published any of my books or articles. And I hadn't taught thousands of students online yet.

All of that came much later.

So on that cold night in January, I was just a regular old Tai Chi teacher - but I was a teacher with a problem.


I Got Tired of My Tai Chi Students Struggling to Learn "Dance Steps", When What They Really Needed was Chi !

Two months prior, I had quit my job teaching Tai Chi to five classes, with over 100 students, for a local hospital system and at several other locations. For the hospital, I had been teaching the standard Tai Chi fare - choreographed sets of movements that I now call "monkey-see, monkey-do" Tai Chi.

I couldn't change the program there. It wasn't my program. I had to teach it the way they wanted it.

But I got tired of seeing my students struggle to learn dance steps, when what they really needed was chi to get their health back in shape.

I knew something had to be done. I had to find something that worked better.

So on a cold January night, in a rented room, I gathered just twelve of my best students.

I told them, "We're going to start over. And I really mean WE - because I'm starting over as well ...

"We're going to learn this together. And you are going to be active participants. You're going to tell me what works and what doesn't, what you understand and what you don't. Question me on everything."

So instead of just teaching the same old Tai Chi I knew the same old way I learned it, we began to experiment. I listened to my students. Not just what they said they liked, but also on the results they reported.

We made sure every movement and every technique produced the results they wanted. If it didn't, we dropped it and replaced it with something else.


It took us SEVEN YEARS of Trial-and-Error,
But We Came Up With a System That WORKS !

There was a lot of stumbling around the first few years. We would try a practice or a form for a few weeks, sometimes a few months, and realize it wasn't working.

We tried and discarded many different practices.

The program we ended up with was not like anything we started out with on that cold January night.

It took us SEVEN YEARS of trial-and-error to develop.


Over time, we saw all kinds of nearly miraculous changes.

One woman, who could barely move when she joined us, started to gain back the flexibility she thought she had lost for good.

One guy, who after five years of regular old Tai Chi with another teacher, said he didn't believe in chi. He came up to me at the end of his fifth class or so, all smiles. "I can't believe it - I can feel it! It's real!" he said.

Another guy, who had severe back pain, told me - "I can't believe it. I've tried yoga and stretching and physical therapy. But here, I'm barely moving in your class, and the pain goes away, at least for a few hours. I am so grateful."

Best part?

No fluff or mystical nonsense.

No more dance steps.

No more wasted time.

Just solid chi development.


Here's Why More than One Person Has Signed Up for Our Unique Chi Training EVERY DAY, day in and day out, since 2003

My name is Al Simon. I'm a Tai Chi and Qigong Master, recognized by the Headfounders Grandmasters Council and the International Martial Arts Council of America. I've also been inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame three times, including as a Master and as a Founder, for my innovations to Tai Chi and Qigong.

I'm also the author of two best-selling books: 50 True Chi Stories and To Float Like Clouds, To Flow Like Water: Tai Chi as a Zen Path to Mindfulness.

I've also published articles for such prestigious magazines as Qi Journal and The Empty Vessel. And I'm also a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

But most importantly for today's discussion, I've been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong online since 2003. I was the first Tai Chi master to teach courses online.

As a matter of fact, I was teaching people Chi Development online before sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, iTunes, and even Gmail existed. My private training course, called ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong, was online before any of those websites even existed.

As of today, I have over 4,500 Tai Chi, Qigong, and Chi Development students and instructors spread throughout the world taking my private online training courses.

If you do the math on this, that means, on average, MORE THAN ONE PERSON has joined my private online course EVERY DAY, DAY IN and DAY OUT, since we opened the doors in 2003 !

And I'm going to show you the exact system that all of these people are using to improve their health, relieve stress, and develop chi in as little as 10 minutes a day.


Stop Being a Monkey!
Instead, Start USING CHI for Your Health and Well-Being

Have you ever been to a Tai Chi class, or watched a Tai Chi video? If so, you know that many classes and videos teach Tai Chi as if it were "dance choreography."

The instructor leads you through the movements with instructions such as "put this hand here, this foot there, and move this way." You watch the instructor and copy her or his movements, just as you would in a ballet class or a dance class.

Of course, that's all well and good for dancing, but it's certainly not a very satisfying way of learning Tai Chi and Qigong. If you want to improve your health, relieve stress, and develop chi, that's the HARD WAY to go about it.

I usually call that "monkey-see, monkey-do" Tai Chi and Qigong. And guess what? Learning that way makes you the monkey!

So one of the most important "secrets" that makes our approach different from all of the run-of-the-mill approaches to Chi development is this: Regular" teachers focus on teaching you "Tai Chi" or "Qigong". But we focus instead on "skills" that bring results.

What do I mean by this? Well, most Tai Chi teachers focus on teaching you those "dance sets" of Tai Chi or Qigong movements.

With their approach, you are required to learn and memorize LOTS of movements in a precise order before you ever see any real benefits from your practice.


We DON'T Teach You Movements!
Instead We USE Movements to Teach You How to Improve Your Health, Relieve Stress, and Develop Chi

The biggest complaint that many people have with traditional Tai Chi is that they have TROUBLE REMEMBERING ALL THE MOVEMENTS in order. You have to memorize all of these dance movements in order, and you may have to practice them for weeks, months, even years, before you can see any benefits.

And the idea is that, if you learn enough of these dance steps, and practice them for long enough, your health improvements and stress relief and Chi Development will come somehow "automatically", just from practicing the movements. You just have to take it on faith it will happen, and keep practicing until it does.

And while that works for some students, I can tell you that that does NOT work for a majority of students. That's why most Tai Chi programs have a 40% to 80% drop out rate.

But amazing things happens when you stop being a monkey, and start learning to use chi.

After seven years of experimenting with our in-person students, and now over a decade of teaching this online, we found that we should NOT focus teaching you Tai Chi movements as the end goal.

Instead, we focus on teaching you SKILLS that bring results. For us, we are trying to teach you how to improve your health, how to relieve stress, and how to develop Chi.

Of course, we use Tai Chi and Qigong movements to help with that, but the goal isn't to learn movements. The goal is to learn skills that you can apply to any health problem you encounter, to any stressful situation, or to help you actual feel and use Chi for your health and happiness.


That's Why We've Been So Successful, and Have Helped Everyone From Cancer Patients to Tri-Athletes ...

Focusing on "skills" rather than just piling on movements is quite simply is why our program has been so successful. It's why over 4,500 students and instructors have joined us for training.

It's why we've been able to work with people with all kinds health problems, including spinal problems, back problems, mobility problems, stroke paralysis, hernia, joint problems, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, cardiac problems, compromised immune system, toxic chemical exposure, HIV, HSV, cancer recovery, tinnitus, gastro-intestinal problems, irritable bowel, depression, anxiety, stress, inability to focus, phobias, excessive fear, OCD, anxious hair pulling, ADD, and many others.

And this is only a partial list. We have many different people with physical and emotional challenges in our course. Most of them come to us because of these challenges, either on their own or recommended by their doctor.

But even people who are healthy come to us for training. We've had martial artists at all levels, physical trainers, athletes including ironnman tri-atheletes, sports instructors, body builders, members of the military, and fitness instructors join us for this unique training.

Plus we've also had healers, medical doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, Chinese medical practitioners, chiropractors, and naturopathic doctors join us for training.

Many of these people were complete newbie beginners, but we've also had masters and teachers with over 30 years of Tai Chi and Qigong practice join us to get this special training.

All of these people have found the health, stress relief, and Chi Development benefits they needed, no matter what their level of experience or level of health.


Finally... the secrets to Tai Chi and Qigong REVEALED!

These Chi skills are the true "secrets" of Tai Chi and Qigong. When you strip away all of the "dance steps" and choreography and other nonsense, these skills are what are UNDERNEATH, and they are exactly what brings you health, healing, relaxation, peace, and happiness.

Of course, there are quite a few skills. So to help you learn these Chi skills in the easiest, most efficient way possible, we've organzed them into a four level program.

Each of these levels has a primary theme - such as "Opening Body and Mind" or "Rooting and Energetics" - but includes the most important skills we've found to help you improve your health, relieve stress, and develop Chi.


ChiFusion Level #1:
"Open Body and Mind"

Jump-start your "chi health" with a short, 10-minute Qigong set that opens the chi meridians and improves chi circulation.

  • Your stance can either help or hinder you as you learn to open your body. Learn a balanced, stable, comfortable stance without extremes of any kind. (Hint: the military got this all wrong!) (Level 1, Lesson 1A)
  • The simplest Chi exercise that the ancients said "makes a thousand illnesses disappear" but also improves balance, stability, and stimulates the Kidney meridian. (You won't believe how simple it is.) (Level 1, Lesson 1B)
  • One powerful exercise that simultaneously improves the "Triple Burners" (respiration, digestion, and elimination), activates the immune system, and increase flexibility in the waist and back. (Level 1, Lesson 1C)
  • Another simple Chi exercise that helps loosen and relax those stiff neck and shoulder muscles from prolonged computer use. It can also provide some relief to tired and overworked eyes. (Level 1, Lesson 2A)
  • An arm-movement-only exercise that introduces some simple coordination to benefit the arms and shoulders, as well as internal organ meridians such as the stomach, liver, spleen, and the "microcosmic orbit". (Level 1, Lesson 2B)
  • The most beneficial practice in Level 1 will improve the mobility and functioning of your spine. A free, well-aligned, mobile spine helps you reduce spinal compression, improves posture, helps with back pain, and awakens the spinal energy and the entire nervous system. (Level 1, Lesson 3)
  • A unique "horse riding" movement to open up the hips, pelvis, and groin, while improving mobility in the sacrum/lower spinal vertebrae. (Level 1, Lessons 4A and 4B)
  • Develop rotational limb movement to pump chi to the skin for glowing health. You'll also improve your immunity through working the lymph nodes in the armpits, neck, and hip sockets, and stimulate both the Kidney and Liver meridians for better internal chi ciruclation. (Level 1, Lesson 4C)
  • Work all of the major joints in the body with just one movement that will improve nervous system functioning (bringing back "online" atrophied neural pathways), remove impediments to natural movement, and improve your ability to handle daily movements easily and pain free. It also stimulates the Lung meridian for better internal health.. (Level 1, Lesson 5)
  • Learn a unique twisting action that stretches the back and waist in a diagonal fashion - perfect for many back problems. It also improves movement in the hip sockets, and oxygenates the bloodstream through stimulating the Heart meridian. (Level 1, Lesson 6)
  • Learn a passive (no-movement) Chi exercise clearing blockages and relieving stress, focusing concentration, and releasing tension. It can also be used at bedtime as a safe and effective way to fall asleep. (Level 1, Lesson 7)
  • Learn to detect chi energy as emitted from the palms of your hands, and the surprising scientific basis behind it. (Level 1, Lesson 8B)
  • Explore interactive, partnered Qigong to develop your Level of awareness, your neurological efficiency, and your freedom from tension during movement. (Level 1, Lesson 8A)


ChiFusion Level #2:
"Coordinate Mind, Body and Breath"

Directly experience chi with just 5 simple movements to develop energy threading and improve chi vessel storage.

  • Learn a stance that can help "open up" the body cavity, increases the "space" around your internal organs, and give you greater access to the energy vessels buried within the torso. (Level 2, Lesson 1A)
  • Learn a "bear-like" chi exercise to strengthen your thighs and calves, emphasize lymphatic pumping around the hip sockets for a stronger immune system, and stimulate the internal energy through "chi warming" (Level 2, Lesson 1B)
  • Begin developing "silk reeling" with a simplified form of the unbroken, continuous "thread" of energy is used extensively in Tai Chi. (Level 2, Lesson 2A)
  • Learn the "reverse bear" movement that when combined with the forward bear movement and silk reeling allows you to practice all of the waist and hip movements found in Tai Chi. As one famous master said, "This single move IS Tai Chi - there is nothing more than this."(Level 2, Lesson 2B)
  • A simple standing (no movement) chi exercise to active your most important "energy collector" to create an abundance of chi that may mean the difference between sickness and health, and may even stave off illness. (Level 2, Lesson 3)
  • A simple "pushing the wall" exercise (something you may have even done as child) now takes on new meaning as you learn to use deeper layer muscles to produces more powerful movements that allow you to "move more with less effort." (Level 2, Lesson 4)
  • Learn Tai Chi's "Lifting Water" movement (with the secret yin-yang "tracing" most teachers don't teach) which coordinates your mind, body, and breath into a synergistic whole. (Level 2, Lesson 5)
  • Learn a 1,200-year-old "snake like" twisting Qigong arm movement, that when combined with the Bear waist movements, gives many of the benefits of longer, more time-consuming Tai Chi sets, but in a concentrated format that can be practiced in just a few minutes. This is THE SINGLE BEST EXERCISE in the world (in my humble opinion). (Level 2, Lessons 6 and 7)


ChiFusion Level #3:
"Rooting and Tai Chi Energetics"

Beign connecting your "managing chi" with you "guardian chi" and develop whole body threading.

  • Learn a unique "sectional" spine exercise increasing the level of physical and energetic control you have over your spine to help reduce compression and prevent pain and injury. (Level 3, Lesson 1A)
  • A hip-and-leg "pumping" chi exercise that loosens and stretches important "posture-stabilizing" muscles, increasing your range of motion in the hips, making everyday activities like walking, bending, and squatting more fluid and free. (Level 3, Lesson 1B)
  • Grow "energy roots" from your body's primary energy collector down the legs and into the ground to more effectively deal with stressful situations, deepen your mind-body connection, and circulate and accumulate Chi. (Level 3, Lesson 2)
  • "Cat stance" training to challenge your newly found structural alignment, further increase your balance, and build leg strength. (Level 3, Lessons 3A and 3B)
  • A special "post standing" chi exercise to actively circulate chi in the legs. And as Western medical research has reported, weight-bearing exercises like this one can increase bone density to improve and/or prevent problems from osteoporosis. (Level 3, Lesson 3C)
  • Learn the intricate structural details and mechanics of Tai Chi's Bow Stance movement. These are the details that "monkey-see, monkey-do" teachers skip over, but are the essential foundation to developing Chi in Tai Chi. (Level 3, Lesson 4)
  • Learn how to direct chi from your legs through your body to your hands, detect and strengthen the chi field that surrounds your body, and feel chi inside and outside your body ... with just one Tai Chi movement. Yes, all it takes is JUST ONE Tai Chi movement. If you learn only one Tai Chi movement, this one should be it! (Level 3, Lessons 5 and 6)
  • Create the four primary energy flows to create a "holistic model" of what is happening at any given moment during Tai Chi. (Level 3, Lessons 7 and 8)
  • Learn a few simple Qigong self-massage techniques that you can use to relax, renew, and re-invigorate yourself to maintain health and well-being, relieve stress and tension, and stimulate chi energy flow. (Level 3, Bonus 2)
  • Tai Chi Interactive Following adds the "unpredictability" of partnered exercises while challenging you to remain rooted, stable, and relaxed (Level 3, Bonus 1)


ChiFusion Level #4:
"Four Elements Tai Chi"

Direct your chi through four intentions and harmonize and align your chi "super-vessels".

  • Learn how the elements of Air, Water, Fire, and Earth are the perfect symbols for the four primary intentions found in almost all Tai Chi sets. (Level 4, Introduction)
  • Express the four primary energies of Tai Chi in one simple arm movement that is the beginning of our Four Elements set. (Level 4, Lesson 1A)
  • Combine skills you learned in Levels 2 and 3 (rebound silk-reeling energy, leg strength and stamina, flexibility and range of motion in the hips and legs, sinking chi, and rooting) into one simple "stepping forward" movement. (Level 4, Lesson 1B)
  • Develop expansive, rising Air chi with a single Tai Chi movement that opens space in your body cavity to improve organ function and strengthen the Wei Chi chi field that surrounds your body. (Level 4, Lesson 1C)
  • Focus on gathering "chi" in a rolling-back Water motion that is also said to focus on veinous circulation, improving the efficiency of the return of blood to the heart, and at the same helps us become more emotionally sensitive and aware. (Level 4, Lesson 2A)
  • Improve your intention and focus through an intense Fire movement that improve joint alignment in the arms, arterial circulation blood flow, and mental and emotional concentration. (Level 4, Lesson 2B)
  • Focus on grounding "chi" in a stabilizing Earth movement that sinks your chi into the ground, improves joint alignment in the legs, and help us develop deep relaxation into stability. (Level 4, Lesson 2C)
  • Learn the "mirrored" versions of the Air, Water, Fire, and Earth movements to improve the functioning of the symmetrical Chi meridians and better integrate the logical and intuitive sides of your brain and nervous system. (Level 4, Lesson 4)
  • Add shifting, turning, and stepping movements to your practice that will challenge you to remain rooted and stable while actively changing directions. (Level 4, Lessons 3 and 5)
  • Create a simple-yet-complete Tai Chi set by easily combining the Four Elements with the Four Mirrored Elements. This will turn your energy work into a dynamic, flowing, invigorating part of your life. (Level 4, Lessons 6 and 7)
  • Learn to align, connect, and harmonize your Chi "super-vessels" with a special Qigong that combines breathing and movement with special "vibrational" techniques to unleash vast amounts of healing energy. This Qigong had never been taught publicly before our program, and is not available from any other teacher or course. And as one of our students said, "This is the crowning jewel of the ChiFusion™ program." (Level 4, Lesson 8)



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Al's Signature

Al Simon
Al Simon,
Certified Tai Chi and Qigong Master,
Three-time Inductee into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame



P.S. Here are just a few of our 4,500 members who have benefited from this proven system of Tai Chi and Qigong ...


 Karen Green   
ChiFusion™ Certified Instructor   
 Nottinghamshire, England
"As a Teacher of 25 Years Trained in China, I was Skeptical, but Now I Recommend This Course!"

I came across this course, and like most people I was skeptical. Because I am already a teacher, I wondered what it was that this course could offer to help me improve my skills. Once I received my Level 1 material, I was bowled over by the amount of information.

From my experience as a teacher - and having the benefit of being taught by many prestigious teachers and having trained in China - I have no hesitation in saying that ChiFusion™ Tai Chi and Qigong is a very well researched and presented program. Anyone interested in either using it for themselves or to teach would have great difficulty in finding anything better.

 Gil Lopez   
 Professional Inspector
"I'm a Skeptical Engineer, But Now I Recommend This Course!"

Being an Engineer by degree, I have always been a very skeptical person and started the program with some hesitation, but needed to try something to reduce the stiffness of my 64-year old body and I felt like a 64!

I am retired now and had time on my hands so try this course and now that I have finished it, all I can say is that I may look 64 but feel like when I was in my 30's!! I feel great and I will recommend this course to all my friends.

Thank you both for relieving my stress. I can really feel the energy - great experience. You have made a believer out me, no longer skeptical!"

 Thursday 9:20am
"I Was Also VERY Skeptical, But I Now Personally Stand By This Program - You Would NOT Learn This Stuff in Classes!"

I can personally stand by the quality of this program. I was also very skeptical, but I could see that these guys knew their stuff. Not only that, but they were also pointing out mistakes that I was making in my Tai Chi practice that I can now definitively say was holding back my progress. Their information on protecting the knees alone is priceless.

As I progress through the course, I am happier and happier with my decision. At this price, this equates to roughly 10-15 group Tai Chi classes, where you would not learn some of the stuff offered here except in some rare cases.

Finally, one thing worth adding. I practiced for a while with a guy who was trained in Tai Chi but had a primary focus in white crane kung fu. The first time I felt "chi" between the palms of my hands, I relayed the experience to him and he concurred that he had the same sensations. He did not, however, "know what to do with it". This course shows you what to do with it quite effectively, and you know what, whatever "chi" REALLY is...it feels great.

Rest assured that I am not affiliated with Al, just a satisfied customer.

 Jackie Davies   
ChiFusion™ Certified Instructor   
 Port Burwell, Ontario, Canada
"I Was So Impressed with the ChiFusion™ Approach, I Became An Instructor!"

When I discovered the ChiFusion™ Program and began a regular practice, the aches and pains started to disappear. In addition, if some new pain or injury appeared, I was able to gently work it through. I became the expert on my own body.

Even though I had practiced [another style of] Tai Chi from the early '80s into the '90s, as I got older, my body's needs and responses had changed, my needs were different. Al Simon's ChiFusion™ Program addressed those different needs. The ChiFusion™ Program is not specifically for older people, it is simply that because of the way it is structured, it always accommodates specific needs. It is not a 'one size fits all' approach.

I was so impressed that I could heal and keep my own body well with such a simply learned skills I wanted to share this ancient Chinese knowledge with others who are going through the same process. And so I started Al's instructor training program.

 Gerry Wiley   
 Taoist Tai Chi instructor for the last 20 years
"Gained New Insights on Tai Chi"

I enrolled in the ChiFusion™ program after reading your email for several months. I welcomed another perspective on teaching students the internal essence beyond the physical forms.

I have gained new insight and deepened my understanding of the benefits of Tai Chi from the lessons in ChiFusion™ Levels 1 and 2. More importantly in a class of beginners that I am teaching now, the students are progressing much better and realizing the benefits of Tai Chi much sooner.

 Heather Brock   
 B.A., M.Ed., Professor and Counsellor
"In Over 40 Years I've Never Written a Letter About a Product or Service, but Your Course is so Amazing, I Wrote TWO!"

I have been doing Qigong [from another teacher] each morning for the last two years, but until I completed Level 1 did not realize that I had been performing some of the movements incorrectly! I was causing myself injury due to the incorrect placement of my knees.

Just learning the correct way to practice and knee placement in Level 1 alone was more than worth the "price of admission" I paid for the whole course!

In over 40 years as a consumer I have never written a letter about a product or service - good or bad - and I have already written two about the ChiFusion™ Program. It's just that it has proven so far to be such an invaluable program; I hope other students of Tai Chi that haven't yet discovered this amazing program will be encouraged to give it a go.

 Saturday 3:58 PM
"Even with over 15 Years of Martial Arts, I've Never Achieved Anything Like This!"

I am feeling chi, it is absolutely amazing - and pleasurable. What is more amazing to me is that I have 15 years of martial arts experience and I've never achieved anything like the results your course is generating in only a few short weeks of practice. Thank you.

I've done various types of Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Qigong) and have studied with many well known and high level internal martial artists. But I was unable to replicate their results using their methods and was too honest to pretend otherwise. The really nice thing about your course is the speed with which the results come and the gentle way in which they are brought about.

 Deborah Moen   
 Tai Chi Qigong Instructor, Certified Relaxation Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Whittier, CA
"Your Courses Are Unbeatable"

Thank you for your Complete Course. Such valuable information and it is so easy to understand. I have been practicing, researching, studying Tai Chi and Qigong for 5 years. I was attracted to your program because of all the information and details you give.Thank you for all the research you have done.

I am so glad I finally bought the course. Being able to access it on the Internet is so easy. I was thrilled to get your program and experience the kinesthetic details and see the anatomy and the video and all the explaining on how to do this correctly. I have tried many programs and classes. I have read many books and practiced from video's from some of our best peers. Your ChiFusion Courses are unbeatable and very reasonable in price.

 Anthony Monteith   
 Chinese Medical Practitioner, B.Sc.(Hons), Lic. Acu, Dip.AT. AOM., Dublin, Ireland
"A No-Nonsense Approach"

I am a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, including all associated disciplines, such as Acupuncture, Tuina, and Chinese herbal medicine. Qigong is infact a cornerstone of this system also. Your system is a no nonsense approach in that it limits the damage to the joints (esp. Knees, Hips, Ankles) - from which 'classical' styles have a history of, due to incorrect approaches by certain practitioners.

 Jeffry Larson   
ChiFusion™ Certified Instructor   
 Fort Bragg, North Carolina
"Fascinated by Actually Feeling Internal Energy!"

My study from the first lesson to now has been a wonderful journey of discovery. I have truly enjoyed and been fascinated by the internal energy of Tai Chi and Qigong.

I think your program is unique and well worth the investment.

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